Alicia Acker (Ryherd) – Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma


Alicia Acker seeks out successful men and uses them to support her drug habit, jet setter lifestyle, and sex addiction. She’s even been arrested for porch pirating. Just google Alicia Ryherd and you’ll see the news story. While her husband is in Saudi Arabia working and sending money home to her, She spends her days working out, traveling, drug dealing, shooting her massive gun collection and having multiple affairs. She’s currently pregnant with baby #3 from dad #2, but isn’t even sure if the baby is her husband’s or my friend’s whom shes been sleeping with. She even told my friend that if the baby is his, she won’t go after him for child support because she can get more money out of her husband if he thinks its his. Sick. Even more disgusting, her daughters know all of her boyfriends and they’ll all spend the night at her lovers’ homes. Disgusting. Stay far, far away from her. My best friend learned this the hard way. She only has friendships in order to use you for something.

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