Alison’s Parrot Place Review


Entered in contract with Alison’s Parrot Place, Cary, IL, to purchase a hand-fed baby Eleanora Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo in Fall of 2011. Contracted purchase price was $1900. Paid $900 deposit at that time by credit card. Received baby on October 7, 2012. Paid remaining $1000 cash at that time. We were in constact contact by email with Alison, who was going to be hand-feeding the baby (and who was the go-between us and the breeders), from day 1, before there was even an egg. After the parrot was hatched, we received weekly updates and as the bird matured, Alison expressed how sweet and loving he was. He was also given the run of the house, according to her updates. However, when we finally received the baby, he was anything but sweet – constantly biting and drawing blood and always very disagreeable. This was a far cry from what we were expecting. It is our opinion that the hand-feeder kept this bird way too long and never set any kind of boundaries for him, resulting in his uncontrollable behavior. | Alison’s Parrot Place is part of a national organization know today as The Parrot Place, LLC. We also contacted Susan Ungrey, president of the national organization, for assistance with this matter, but she basically said it was Alison’s problem to deal with, not standing behind the practices of the members of the organization.


Name: Alison’s Parrot Place

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Cary

Address: 961 Woodbridge Dr

Phone: 847-516-1004


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