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My wife purchased a puppy from All AboutnnMy wife purchased a puppy from All About Puppies on N DalenMabry on 11/9/12. We brought the puppy home on 11/10/12 and within 24nhours the puppy began coughing not eating or drinking and had largenamounts of watery diarrhea. We took the puppy to the required vet forntreatment. He had pertussis (canine whooping cough) and giardia a anparasite in canine intestinal tract. The vet advises me if the puppy wasnnot better in 24 hours he would have to be hospitalized. As I said wenhad the puppy for less than 24 hours. The Document from All About Puppiesnshowed a Vet health check 2 days prior to our purchase. ELISA fecalntests can also be used to detect Giardia infection, as it comes fromnpets being exposed to other pets with the parasite. I wanted my puppynkept at the Vet until he was no longer contagious I have 3 other pets. Inhad to speak to the owner, her name was Regina Galloway, regardingnpayment for the boarding. She refused to pay any boarding fees. Inexplained that keeping a 8 week old puppy with an intestinal parasite,nin complete isolation from other dogs is logistically impossible. Shensaid, you have a copy of the warranty in your pocket, read it, She didnnot care, and would only recite the FL law as well as her storenwarranty. She has a very pampas attitude about her, and she gives younthe impression that customer service and repeat business are unnimportant to her. She became rude making snide comments. She hung upnon me when I told her our conversation was recorded and it will benposted on YOUTUBE.I will never buy a pet from these types of stores EVERnagain. Please read all documentation before you buy. Also if you havenany type of medical problems you will be covered up to the amount younpay for your pet. A minor surgery can cost hundreds or thousands.

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