All Area Roofing in Virginia Beach Virginia Beach Virginia Review


I used this company to put a roof on my house and it was an awful experence. Their workers peed in my yard. They were drinking beer with loud music playing. I caught one of them trying to break into my shed. I called their office many times. Nobody ever even supervised the job. Just a bunch of spanish guys that I could not talk to. I never saw anyone. My roof leaked during the next storm and they did not come out and try to fix it for three weeks. They are with the BBB for god sake. My roof still leaks and I am hiring a lawyer because I have thousands of dollars in damages and lots of mold. If you live in the Tidewater- Hampton Roads area you better stay away from All Area Roofing. I can not believe that I fell for there sales talk. They have lots of advertising and good salesmen but their service stinks. I am so upset over this. When I call them now they just yell and hang up on me. I must say that they ripped me off bad.

1393 London Bridge Road Virginia Beach, Virginia United States of America

757) 301-2334

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