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I bought a pcm for my Dodge Truck in Nov 2015 with a lifetime warranty just in case I needed one. Of course there was an additional charge but I was willing to buy the protection. Now I started getting diagnostic codes regarding the pcm so decided I should probably use the LIFETIME warranty, or so I thought. So, when I called just today I was told they had to have the unit back for testing, I would have to pay the shipping both ways and would have to send it first. So, I asked how I was supposed to go anywhere in my truck without having the pcm installed. Basically told it was not their problem that is the new procedure because it is so old. Now I bought this in Nov 2015 and it is now Aug 2017 and it has a LIFETIME warranty. I fell ripped off, stolen from, lied to, etc. Obviously, customer satisfaction means nothing to this company. By the way, I am mellow and let a lot of stuff slide but this hit me wrong with the attitude, lack of caring, and all around bad support, so I posted this to protect anyone else who might want to buy one from here. If you do, don’t pay extra for the warranty because it is obviously not worth a nickel. I thought this was a reputable company and was badly mistaken. I will just keep resetting this thing as long as I can and then buy one if I have to from someone else. I would be embarrassed if I had a company that treated customers like this.

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