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They are Rip Off Con Artist Schemer’s and I Have Proof being a former employee who refused to go along with their scamming and was fired for that reason alone. The owner previously had a Clutch Repair Shop where he ran a special in local Paper claiming he will do your Clutch for about 200. Then after getting your permission to repair you suddenly you got a call from his Napoleon service manager claiming you needed 2000 in work related to the Clutch Repair. When you refused Napoleon said your car is in our parking disassembled and in boxes and now Owe a 400 tear down fee. You the Customer obviously going Into a panic arriving at His scam shop only to find Napoleon making a deal with you to finish your Clutch Repair for Only 1200. You not knowing of any other recourse says OK. Then Napoleon would instruct his needing a Job employees partly aware of the scam of to Paint the Old Parts and Reinstall them with a new Cheep Low Quality Clutch. This Same Owner Closed this shop after making hundreds of thousands and then opened a European shop on West Charleston where he did a similar scam but now with Richer having more Money to Steal Customers. That Shop He got out of that Shop for same reasons he closed the first shop. to many People got aware of his Scam. Then He Opened and is a Silent Owner posted in his back office owner with the Same Napoleon short man complex Service Manager Doing the front office Robbing of Willing Customers.Me wishing to sleep tonight and no longer willing to continue this lie got Fired for not implementing Napoleon’s RIP the Customer Policies I was not by Surprised could Never Get my last Pay Check from anyone in amount of 900. This is my story 100 percent true and I have proof. Do yourself a big favor. Do Not have any dealings with this so called European Repair Shop. You will mostly likely regret it and then will make another Vic tom of the Ripping Off of Customer just wanting their car repaired. The Auto Repair Business Community would be a much better place with this Scam Shop Gone Out Of Business. This is the Truth So Help Me God. PS This negative Business has helped me only be allowing me to service there unhappy customers who called me looking for honest service. One Customer so pissed wants to open a shop across the street to Put Them Out Of Business. When Will this Lying Shop End. .

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