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The information in this report is not valid, The customer did not undertstand the the process to install the motor and would not heed our advice. The Customers husband called and was on the attack as he could not and would not listen to the advice we were providing in order to install the motor. Customer did not want to even attemp to try to install the motor and did not comprehend the listed eBay description before purchasing as it states the customer is responisble for any return shipping, which would have been upwards in the amount of & 036;150, not & 036;400. The long block motor pruchased will work in any civic from 1989-2001. Which suited the customers needs, so they picked this one and purchased it. If they would have listened they would be happily driving there vehicle with one of our low mileage, warrantied japanese import enignes. We were as polite and understanding as possible to try to inform them on the install. Anytime we would try to help the customers husband would yell, curse and block out any informatiuon we would try to provide as assitance. What they have spoken here is slander as it is not fact. In fact it is much the other way around. The customers husband was the issue in this purchase, if we would have either been able to speak to her, which we believe she would have used more logic than him and potenailly allowed us to talk to the mahcnics they talked to, everyone would curently be in a happy situation as we would have been able to explain what was and is written in our warranty that the intake mainfold and distributor would need to be changed in order for this to drop right in to their older chassis. Simple as that, we informed them that we could refund the motor but return shipping is something they would be responsible for as stated and informed to them on the listing beofre they purchased. If they were not okay with our warranty they should not have purchased in the first place… Customer ended up driving the motor down to us in which we refunded their money, even with the husband threating our empoylees within our facilty. We wanted peaceful resolution weather it meaning them having a good funcitonal motor, when installed properly or a refund. We did not expect to be threatend and then have this slander come up on us. We are serverely disappointed in how he handled this situation.

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