All Makes Heating and Air Conditioning ( WHITE PLAINS New York Review


I thought I was in bizarro world with this company until I started reading the reviews here and elsewhere. Very incompetent staff, and customer service is non-existent. Company has been around for a while, but based on the recent reviews, perhaps the young manager (Natalie Lloyd) inherited the reigns and is about to run the company aground. They did very poor work – technician did not know how to wire a float switch to the main power of my AC unit, so he basically did not wire it at all. For 3 years, condensation accumulated with no float to shut off system. Developed mold in the attic which then went into the ducts and to the entire house, causing my 3 year old son to develop bronchospasm. On top of that, there was the wrong sized filter installed – too big and was folded over to fit (wish I could post pictures on this review!!), but got sucked into the main trunk so there was zero filtering for over 1 year. On top of even that (yes, there is more!), they failed to service my systems under their gold contract for an entire year – just never showed up at all, but was quick to send me an invoice for the next year (~$900). When I called them on it, the begrudgingly set an appointment but failed to show up to that as well!! After many emails and calls with them, they tried to turn everything on me by saying I asked for my system to be wired incorrectly (yeah, right…) and they claimed they serviced my unit on a particular date in which they didn’t. I have email and invoice proof of the incorrect wiring. They also sent a fraudulent invoice about their visit (which never happened – I have video proof from my security system). Instead of my signature on the invoice, they wrote “no one home at time of departure”” -basically suggesting that I allowed a stranger into my home to service my AC

but left them at home by themselves to “”lock up when they are done”” – who does that??? Anyway

I’ve filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will also be seeking legal action against this joke of a company. STAY AWAY FROM AMHAC!! And if you’re already one of their customers

PLEASE CHECK YOUR SYSTEMS AND YOUR INVOICES!! Not sure how this company is still in business!!”

New York USA

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