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Complaint: I wanted to let others know about this company. I did not end up getting my repairs done by them because what they said needed to be done to my car did not sound right. I am glad I didn’t either or I would have been out alot of money. I took my car to Auto Zone for a free multi check to find out why my check engine lite was on they said it was the speed sensor that needed to be replaced. So I then took it to All Pro Transmissions who by the way had my car 5 days before this to change the transmission oil & they told me my car was fine. Anyways first I was told it would be about $100.00 to replace the speed sensor. Cody said he would check my car first that morning, well by noon I had to call them back because he never called like he said he would. All the sudden he said that it would be $1,100.00 just to change the speed sensor because he had to take apart the whole transmission to get to the speed sensor. Well I knew that didn’t sound right. So I pick up my car from them & took it to 2 other places. I told them what Cody said to me, come to find out I was right he lied to try to pocket some money. When I called him back to question him about the lie, he then lied again changing his story saying my transmission was slipping. Anyways to make a very long story short. Freeman in Irving fixed the speed sensor & it was only $230.24 to fix it & my car is running perfect again. I tried to call the owner. They won’t return my calls and when he did answer the phone he was rude & hung up on me. I called back & told him I was reporting him to the BBB and anyone else I could he said he didn’t give a F**K. I am again writing this report for others. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION. If I wouldn’t have gotten one I would have lost $900.00 & who even knows if they would have fixed it since they lied about everything else. Jared Waxahachie, TexasU.S.A.

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Address: 1551 W. Hwy. 287 Bypass Waxahachie, Texas U.S.A.


Phone: 972-938-8161

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