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This company should be shut down since their advertisement price is misleading , including the customer service live phone represenative and sent out a locksmith thta lied. It’s unfortunate that they are still in business and continue to take advantage of customers! There On-line advertisement states $15 for a locksmith service and they will beat any price. After I confirmed the car lock out price over the phone, they sent someone out that arrived in 45 minutes later and said it will cost around $150+ to unlock an almost decade old Corolla. | After my initial shock of that quote, he lied and try to justify the price by saying Toyota cars are complicated to unlock because theres a security feature that locks your door after you try to unlock it. I told him thta didn’t sound right and I’m going to pass on the expensive price. I’ve expressed that I have a much cheaper alternative to have my family call triple aaa for free or have them drop an extra set of keys off. He had the nerve to say that triple aaa wouldn’t be able to unlock my door and he is willing to negotiate an “under the table” deal for $60. | He tried to collect $15 for the “service call” and I ended up paying over the phone since my wallet was locked in the car at the time. Triple aaa arrived moments later and unlocked my door in a matter of minutes which confirmed that guy lies (It was not complictaed at all and I don’t have a security feature where my door will lock upon unlocking it). I have a feeling they collect money ($15h) for service calls and send out reps who lies to customers. This business should be shut down!

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