All State Movers (Norcross, GA) Hollywood CA Review


I made a quick decision to hire All State Movers from Norcross, Georgia to move my belongings from Florida to California because they were the only company who could come on the first of this yearu2014the only day I was in Orlando, FL (where my belongings were being moved from). Unfortunately, they did not show up as promised. I had a friend meet them on the 2nd when their driver finally arrived. As of today—June 29, 2018— I still do not have my belongings. Iu2019ve called and emailed the moving company numerous times throughout the past few months to try and find out where my stuff was located only to receive discrepancies in stories from managers, ignored/dropped phone calls, ignored e-mails, etc. I was finally told this May that their truck was stolen in Miami and had my belongings in it. When I inquired about who they were insured by to file a claim I got the go around from All State Movers again. I was given a policy that expired (can provide an email stating non insured from insurance company). I immediately contacted them again and two weeks later was give a second company to call (CAF CAP). At this point, they are trying to pay me for the weight of my furniture/stuff which I am not too happy about due to the utter devaluationu2014.60 per pound. However, the most heartbreaking, is that I had pictures of my deceased father who died when I was 4 years old that I will never see again—the only keepsakes I had of him. I since learned through online research that this company has been working under multiple names and has had a reputation for scamming consumers. I wouldnu2019t be surprised if the moving company has my furniture/stuff in some warehouse. There is a great lack of professionalism, discrepancies within their stories as to where my belongings were and failure to tell me about their “missing truck”” until months later after relentlessly calling them on a regular bases. Unfortunate. I am very weary about their story of the missing truck. The police report that I received from Miami-Dade country police has a different company name than the company I hired. Why was my stuff even in Miami if being sent to California? Itu2019s a shame that people would try to pull potential scandals like this across state lines

making things very difficult to even report to authorizes. Further

that they donu2019t understand the inflicted harm they are causing my taking items that cannot be replaced.”

1755 Wilwat Dr STE C Norcross, Georgia United States


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