Alliance Security Review


I really dont know where to start with this review. Other than to say, STAY AWAY from any and all businesses that Faustino Moronta, Jr. has to do with. | March 20, 2018 Moronta came to our home and sold us a four (4) camera, 2 TB home security outdoor camera package. On March 27, 2018 at 0944 began the install. The install went everywhere but good, The installer disappeared for two hours, told me two different stories, one to go home to wife, the other to Home Depot to get filler for holes he put in the ceiling and walls. He finally left at 9:00 pm. | Then the real problems started, the system he brought (after I did some checking) was a 1TB not 2TB as was in the written proposal. The system would not work with T-Mobile phones, so they said after connecting the system to 200AV power-line adapters he had to use. | 03.30.18 at 5:35 pm. the installer returned with a different Manufacturer DVR, this time a 2TB HD three (3) days after he started the install. We had NO cell phone connections, only in-house, sometimes. The system kept dropping out, “Network Connection Failure”, “Device offline.” | We are supposed to have a 3 year warranty with this install and system. The system was down for ten (10) days before Marx the installer arrived. There was NO contacting Faustino. He would not answer his phone, never returned my messages, texts. The is an ongoing issue with Faustino even at this writing. He will turn his phone off hoping the problems will fix themselves. He has “No sense of urgency.” | The installer said after 30 days he will not come out unless contacted by Faustino. How can that happen when Faustino is not answering calls? | There is so much more you would not believe. Just stay way from Faustino Moronta, Jr. | He uses so many different alleged company names, and he will NOT provide me with a contractor License number under which he does business. He is not listed under the State or County systems. | Here is a list of companies he uses that are bogus, AKA : Alliance Security ; Moni Smart Home (They never heard of him) ; ; Florida Protect us, LLC. The address he uses is a single family residence. Toll Free number, 888.962.7775 disconnected. | There is so much more to add, Texts, emails, but you pretty much get the gist of this guy.


Name: Alliance Security

Country: United States

State: Rhode Island

City: Cranston

Address: 85 Garfield Ave

Phone: 877.746.2559


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