Allianz travel insurance Waterloo Iowa Review


I recently used Hotwire to make a hotel reservation in New York to accompany a business trip. I purchased Allianz insurance to protect my own costs toward the hotel reservation because it was out of my own pocket and unforseen developments can change business trips. The day before my trip, I was let go by my company and they cancelled my travel. I contacted the hotel to cancel the reservtion and contacted Allianz to make a claim to protect my out of pocket expenses for the hotel. My termination was unforseen and out of my control and my general manager wrote a letter to Allianz to satisfy their requirement for documentation. Nevertheless, Allianz did not honor my claim on the grounds that they believe that I chose to cancel the trip myself and not my business. I complained and they could not have been less concerned. I am convinced that their business model is to do just that and that they will find technicalities until a client surrenders. Do not use Allianz and expect for them to cover your claims.

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