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Allied Discount Tire & Brake Company Falsifies Mechanical Issues and Lies to Customers Regarding Repairs Alexandria Louisiana!!. In May of 2016, I was going out of town and worried because my brakes were making noises. The last time this happened, all I needed were new break pads. So I went to Allied Discount Tire & Brake in Alexandria, Louisiana. After waiting and putting my car on the rack, both the manager and sales associate informed me that not only were my brake pads bad, but that I needed NEW rotors on both the front AND back. Total cost? Over 500 dollars. I asked them if they were sure and they assured me that I needed to have this done and it was dangerous to drive in that current condition. However, because my car is almost 16 years old and being VERY familiar with all mechanical issues related to it, I did NOT believe their assessment. Immediately after, I brought my car to Break Specialties on the Lake Charles Highway. John looked at my car and told me point blank, that ALL I needed were new brake pads on the front. I asked him if he was SURE, because Allied Tire told me I needed new rotors on the front AND the back. He just shook his head and SHOWED me that the rear brakes were absolutely fine. Total cost for new break pads? 130 dollars. I think it’s absolutely UNCONSCIONABLE that Allied Discount Break and Tire company is LYING to customers regarding the repairs needed. Especially in this economy, as hard as people are working for their money, these people should be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS for their deceptive business practices. I think everyone in Alexandria, Louisiana and the surrounding areas need to be made aware of what this company is doing and take their business elsewhere!

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