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On Feb 1, 2018 I had a meeting with two reps from Allied Solutions. Theytold me that if I gave them mythree bedroom timesharet to rent. Allied Solutions will pay my $1200 a year maintenance fees forver and when I die my heirs too. I had to give them $8999 up front to get this started.I felt that this will pay for itself after 7 years. | I was rushed to initial all the dozen pages since the restaurant was closing. I was later contacted by RADIA from a sister company ADVANTAGE SERVICES and she aske d for my one bedroom and I would get $250 towards my maintenance fees. I questioned this since I was told ALLIED SOLUTIONS would pay my maintenance fees totally. She said no. | I get $250 per room and that would only come to $750 per year for maintenance fees. I have paid my maintenance fees for the last two years ( Less $250) No one has called me since to rent my timeshares and I have made dozen calls that were all ignored. I am out $8999 and still paying my maintenance fees. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM COMPNAY. Please Help!

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