Allison Creekmore – Bolivar, Tennessee Tennessee


This woman Allison Elaine Creekmore knew my husband was married and had a family. She pursued him while he was on a work trip to NYC asking him to meet up for “coffee” and then again later for drinks. Telling him how “Fabulous” it was to see him. She was an old friend of his from their hometown in TN. He had several drinks at a dinner meeting before meeting her that night afterwards. While with her she made an advance on him and then supposedly one thing let to another. She then proceeded to bring him back to her apartment where, from what he could remember, they had unprotected sex several times! He confessed to it all the very next day when he saw me and was so disgusted by it! He has since deleted all reminders of her from his contacts and social media and is trying to win me back. This woman had nothing to lose. Her husband left her and divorced her, so she tries to steal other peoples husbands instead! She is a sad, pathetic old hag, who has to get married men drunk in order to sleep with her! She has no morals whatsoever! I take comfort in knowing that my husband will forever think of her as “the worst mistake of his life”!!

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