Allison Secor – Apache Junction, Arizona Arizona


This homewrecker thinks she is cute due to her being a welder at lonestar. She thinks she has something in common with men she wants and she doesn’t care if they are married or have kids. She will talk dirty to feel the water and if she gets the attention she is looking for then it’s on. She has a man and wants yours too, she thinks she can give something that you can’t. She is as dirty as the come, she likes them straight out of prison. It doesn’t matter as long as your feeding her needs or giving her money. Not even her own family was worth keeping her legs closed which is why she is a single mom now. She will put anything in her mouth doesn’t even need to be washed. Love giving head anywhere, in your car is ok with her. She stays in the same circle of guys, so they all know each other and compare notes of her nastiness. It’s not worth the STDs that’s for shur and she smells like like a gerbal cage, dirty lil wh*re……

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