In April 2007: I originally refused delivery and Sarah called me and said you would replace every panel free of charge and mailed to me ASAP. So Land Air Express re-delivered it and I have accepted delivery with those expectations. Sarah asked me to send an email with pictures of the damage from shipping to this address. Basically, EVERY panel is damaged but the front fender and skid plate and the antenna snapped off and right blinker light needs to be replaced and the rear spoiler. I emailed pictures. These promises were constant lies and a waste of my time. $2300 for a 250CC Scooter worth about a $1000 when I received it. After 7 emails and 10 calls over a 5 month period and rude customer service I realized I was screwed. This business should be closed down!! They are useless and I am fortunate enough that it runs for now, but have not driven it enough yet as my house burnt down a month and a half later and had to focus on re-building and Vermont has a short season to ride. My friend is a mechanic so he went through it to make sure it is OK as I am getting my motorcycle license this weekend now that the house is built. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! MAry Cambridge, VermontU.S.A.

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