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Allstate Transmission Dishonest People Desoto Texas!!. This was the worst experience EVER!!!! Husband had some work done on his car and the work was pretty good so I had no problems taking my car to this shop. Car warranty denied the claim, so it took a while before we could get the car out. While the car was there, I learned that my car had been towed to the Dallas pound and I needed to sign a form to release the car and property to the shop. Dallas??? The shop is in Desoto!!! Uh, why was my car towed when it was suppose to be in the shop behind a locked gate???? My husband and I were provided a shady excuse, which the office personnel stated the tech was test driving the car to ensure everything was ok. We did not believe that response as the guy test drove the car on the other side of town. Since the story didn’t sound right, I then called the pound and was informed the car was picked up at the corner of Buckner and Peavey due to it blocking an intersection. To top it off, the car towed after midnight and well after the shop’s business hours. Called the shop to get more answers because now I’m pissed off. Told that the tech did not have a cell phone and left the car to look for a payphone…REALLY!!!! Also, the car stalled so it had not been truly fixed. Once we paid the remaining balance, got the car and noticed apparent damages. The front license plate missing, front bumper slightly damaged, the brake covering on the INSIDE of the car had been removed, front windshield cracked, and the paperwork from the glove compartment was in disarray, along with two new perfume bottles missing. Assured by office personnel during pickup that these things would be fixed. 1st call placed we were told the owner not in office, 2nd call the dude forgot to tell the owner, 3rd call and the owner was not in again, 4th call and the owner had left early for the day. Dishonesty is what makes this all bad. No call as of today and this has been over a month. I would not recommend this shop to anyone. Worst $2100 spent in my life, now will cost even more to have these things repaired.

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