Allumiderm Review


The scenarios are the same. The scam is well rehearsed and it would seem the only recourse presently is to cancel your credit card to prevent further charges. Not only is this company disreputable but the product can cause significant side effects including facial swelling and burning. I was informed by a third party contact group that there was no manager or contact information for direct contact with company representatives. The third caller individuals never fully identified their company, the names may even be fictitious and after negotiating a potential refund I was informed if I did not receive my refund not to call the number on my credit card bill but to contact the credit card company to resolve my dispute. I should also mention the numbers I have seen posted for contact resolution do not coincide with the numbers posted on my credit card bill. This would lead me to believe there are roving numbers dispersed among the illegitimate representatives who may also be participants of this scam. As consumers we can only hope that organizations such as Allumiderm can permanently be shut down.


Name: Allumiderm

Country: United States

State: California

City: Costa Mesa

Address: | 1175 Baker St Ste E19-228

Phone: (877) 631-1620


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