Allyson silverman – Bronx, New York New York


This women is so desperate for love that she disillusions herself from any form of common sense. While my husband provided her the key to wreck our home I thought I’d take the best approach by assuming she was an unwanted willing participant however I soon realized that she too, in an effort to not only take my place but the benefits of a wife by way of legal Nicole loop holes chose to be apart of my husbands attempts to fail towards his responsibilities to his children and the wife HE CHOSE to wed. Despite the fact my husband has returned home this women still insists on making her self relevant by showing up to my in-laws and playing victim. Never mind the fact that my in laws themselves have had an issue with the inter racial marriage between my husband and I despite me having provided them the only grandchildren they have. They have chosen to not only accept this women of an affair with my husband but addition have chosen to forego any relationship with their granchildren to facilitate a relationship with this women in the hopes I will get so frustrated that I leave my husband and children to her and them. Beyond the lies and disparaging comments to the situation she literally won’t go away. She has a teen age daughter who essentially raises her self no real job and depends on my in-laws for financial support. The material I have been through is enough for a lifetime movie and unless you are witness to it you’d never believe any one person can be so evil purely based on color and sex. I feel bad to an extent bc she clearly has unresolved issues of her own but not bad enough to call her out based on the choices she has made. She uses pictures taken of my children on her FB page as her step children and prides her self on sexually explicit pics taken while she was iniment with my husband to taunt me… so why not share.

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