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For the last year I have been paying for service I do not receive with Almega Cable Company, I get spotty service at best meaning at first the internet would stay on all week and just go out on the weekends, most of the time coming back on Sunday night, so figured must be bandwith problem since i am the last house in town to have internet with Almega, then it started going on and off ex would be off in the morning back on during the day then off in the evening for a couple of hour, now the internet is off most of the time I had no internet the full month of NOV, DEC, then has service some in JAN and so far in FEB I have had 15 mins of internet and today is the 18th of FEB, I call these guys all the time, they set up appointments to fix it and never show, sometimes we would go home after calling and would be back on, then go back off the next day, I am now using my personal modem and have been for 6mos because i thought the modem might be the prob. i call them and the say since i have a wireless network to hook the computer straight to the modem which i do, but the on line light is flashing which means i have no service doesn’t matter if i hook it straight to the the modem or not, anyway they set up appointment then don’t show, i call them they promise to call back and don’t, never give credits and charge me late fees. I am sick of this company and the sad part is I left DirectWay(now Hughes Net) for Almega, never had any problems with Directway, had same wireless network (now we have upgraded to wireless N router since Christmas). Almega Cable should be shut down.

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