Alonie Smith – Orlando, Florida Florida


This woman worked at the same place as my husband and played the weak, meek damsel in distress card and he fell for it hook line and sinker. She too was married herself. These two carried on a torrid affair and I was tracked down by her husband to let me know that my husband was sleeping with his wife for months. After they were both caught, neither one of them stopped and continued. He is no better than she is! The two of them destroyed her marriage of more than 10 years and destroyed my 30 year relationship with my husband when we have children AND grandchildren! Now this filthy wh*re who said she couldn’t get pregnant is now pregnant with my husband’s child. She is now divorced from her husband and I am divorcing this scum bag as well. He does not get a pass at all for destroying our entire family. This woman has the nerve to all of a sudden have morals that she must keep the baby of a married man because it’s the right thing to do…But I guess inviting a married man to your bed when you are married as well is just fine. And again, the fact that my husband had no problem being in a married man’s house is absolutely sickening and disgusting. They played house for almost a year and now they both must pay the piper.  She is a demon that plays like she’s innocent and my soon to be ex husband fell for that bull and is no better than she is. We were high school sweet hearts and he let a random nothing a*s b*tch destroy our entire family. And his reckless choices destroyed his family as well. I’m disgusted.

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