A aka Hacking Site defrauded me over a number of years. Abou 2.5 years ago i joined there company trying to purchase some Bitcoin software. is a front for the Hacking Site server. So i was told the price of their software which at that stage was $1500 usd so i said yes i will purchase. | I had some problems and paid for software but they never released it. I asked for refund but no refund. They suggested i go for there better software. It would earn more BTC per day. they said the software is normally 45k usd but i could have it for 27k usd. I told the guy i was working with who worked for site to instead pay for a wallet i had with them with 5btc in it as it required a fee of 0.5btc to release. Instead he he went against my wishes and gave it to hacking site. | Nearly 3 btc was now in hands of hacking site. Btc then was approx 7.5k usd so my btc that was with site was no longer enough to buy software. Hacking site said i will have to wait until btc rises to 8-9 k again. So i have waited over a year and a half. Finally it has risen to well over that. So a week or so ago i contacted them and asked for my software. They said they were going to contact me, and yes i could have my software. So they assigned me a guy called Ben Harrison to organize it. | He asked me to pay a fee to setup software so i paid him, he then asked for another fee and then another about 600 usd in total. He then said he needed my Coinbase details to connect software to it. He said i needed to put 500 usd in Coinbase so the software would work. I did this and then noticed the money gone from my Coinbase. I said whats going on Ben and he said it was just tempory and he would put the money back. i then contacted the Hacking Site again three or four times, no response. I asked Ben to put my effing money back. He said he will soon. | After that he was also not contactable. So again i have been scammed but this scum site. They are fraudulent and liars and cheats. I have posted a video on you tube outlining these scammers Be warned do not ever get mixed up with these scumbags.



Country: United States

State: Alabama





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