Altovis palo alto California Review


Last week, I ordered Altovis, for the shipping fee only. Later, I went back to read the confirmation e mail, which strangely, disappeared off my computer. I did find the copy I made of the screen, and read that info, and discovered the continuity program. nAt the bottom, they gave an email address, [email protected] to do cancellations. nSo, I clicked on that site, and wrote my cancellation report. I got back a prompt e mail requesting more info. I gave my name and city and state, only. This started a volley of e mails back and forth, them saying they can’t locate my account, me sending back copies of what I did have. nThing is, they keep telling me that I must have ordered from Berkeley Pharm…and that they are Eight Squared. They insist I ordered by phone. Nope. Didn’t do that. The emails both ways have grown increasingly more frustrated…but no results. I have e mailed them the site I ordered from three times, and they keep denying it’s theirs. So, I called the customer service# on the bottom, and guess what? It comes back to Eight Squared. nOut of desperation, especially after reading all the other rip off stories, I called my bank, Wells Fargo and explained all. We decided to report my atm/Visa as stolen (which in effect, it is, because my number is out there somewhere and more can be charged on it) and cancelled the card. This means, no more charges, by ANYONE. nI suggest anyone else who used a card, do the same. By the way, my shipping charge has not shown up yet, nor has my free sample. nKarennpalo alto, CaliforniaU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.

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