Alyse Michelle Wilson – Burlington, North Carolina North Carolina


This is Alyse Michelle Wilson she is probably the closest thing on the planet to Satan in the flesh. She seeks out guys who are already in relationships, especially tattoo artists. She doesn’t care if they’re married, engaged or just dating someone she will relentlessly go after them, stalk them, post disturbing things about them on her Tumblr page. Not only will she stalk and harass these guys, she will tell everyone that she’s pregnant by them even though she’s not. If they won’t have sex with her she’ll accuse them of Rape. She tells everyone she has a baby by one tattoo artist in Burlington and even rides around with a baby seat in her car and she’s NEVER HAD A CHILD. Unfortunately if you are the wife or girl friend of any of these guys you get the worst of her psychotic actions. She’s posted countless girls on backpage and other anonymous websites saying they are sex workers. She’s made fake Facebook, Instagram and Tinder pages of these girls. She’s contacted both guys and girls work places claiming they’re on drugs and doing all kinds of illegal things. She’s spread countless lies about girls who she doesn’t even know and have never done anything to. She’s insane. The only thing that brings her joy is ruining other people’s lives. She even uses an app to change her phone number so she can constantly harass people. I’ve heard voice recordings of her threatening to kill people who haven’t done anything to her. Like I said she thrives off of hurting people and ruining their relationship. She claims that every guy she talks to beats her up or rapes her but in reality she will literally have sex with anything that breathes. She’s 30 years old with no job and no life other then stalking and harassing people on social media. She belongs in a straight jacket in a padded room with no source of technology what so ever. I feel sorry for anyone who ever has to deal with her crazy shit. Watch out for this one because she’ll probably end up murdering someone or several people.

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