Alysia Zimmerman – Kalamazoo, Michigan Michigan


She is a stripper but has sex with men as long as they got a lot of money. She will act like shes into men as long as they got money. Once that money runs dry, then she just leaves and makes sure to tell them she was never interested. She is a stripper who had a child at a very young age and decided to give up her responsibilities in the form of just abandoning her child so she could still live it up and party. Women like her give the good ones a bad name. She is trashy as hell. Her daddy and family doesn’t even know she strips for money and is a 2-bit floozy who fucks around with other women’s men. She gives the general reason all strippers say “Im only doing this to pay for college.” Yeah, i’m sure she is. She just has no respect for herself. Beware of this girl in Kalamazoo. She obviously has no taste, no respect, shes willing to go to extremes to get out of her responsibilities, and she probably hasn’t been checked for any current stds…. her stripper name is Lacey. She works at Angels Gentlemens Club. Go see her, she’ll fuck your man. Just dont trust him not bringing home a disease or drama. Shes a crazy bitch.

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