Amador Recovery and Towing


****** ****** *** ** ****** ***** ******* Raul Hernandez of Tualatin, Oregon uses the market place on Facebook to sale cars as Clean Title Low miles insurance, perfect for work school family etc. The scam is sending his wife to sale the car that does not have a clean title or is in his name his wife’s name or business name. The person whose name is listed on the "bill of sale" is Jose Ponce suggesting a lost title. The wife has a very sad story she shares about having to have welfare and having her benefits cut because of an investigation that she didn’t know she has to report that her husband lives in the home with her and that she is his partner of the towing company and auto sales. I did not sign the bill of sale and asked for my money back, however once she had it in her hand she said sorry as is with the car that she purposely lied about. To distract you she brings her five year old child who is very upset when they arrive. She claims she has been doing this for 10 years. I have kept all messaging and texting between the three of us. When I told her I want my money back she said I could have $1000.00 back when I gave her $1400.00. She said that charge was for her inconvenience.

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