Amanda Bowles – Lynchburg, Virginia Virginia


I first found out my husband was chatting this chick Amanda Bowles up on Instagram. She told me she’d block him, she didn’t know he was married blah blah blah. Fast forward a few weeks. She unblocks him from IG adds him back, and starts texting him. I am sure he gave her his phone number. They flirt back and forth for awhile. Why do I have to tell this woman to stop texting/ conversating with my husband more than once? Is she slow..? I confronted my husband and of course he gets really defensive and tries turning this around on me somehow. Its okay though she can have him, he won’t stay faithful to her for long, he’s a habitual liar, and he’s beat the shit outta me for years. I wish ya luck honey because you’re going to need it, and you have children too, if he can’t take care of his own two, what makes ya think he’s gonna be step daddy to yours. You also have a man, you told him when you first started talking you did, if you left your man to be with mine WOW. You’re going to need a ton of luck honey, he’s never had a stable relationship for longer than a few months with anyone other than me.

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