Amanda Courtney Farner Cocker Spniel Indiana


Complaint: Amanda Courtney Farner .. Let tell both sides of the store. we traded male pup for the brown champ 8 year old male. and a blue roan female was just a year old for a blk tri female 5 months old.. I send my to with my ground shipper to drop off and pick up Brown and the blue roan. when my ground shipper drop them off i see the blue roan female dragging her butt. So i took them in to my dog condo to groom and give baths . Well to me surprise the brown males head was cocked to the side and ear set was way off on his left side . I sent Amanda pics and asked WTF happen to him first she said it must have happen on his way to you … I asked my shipper . She said No . okay put that to the side . Time for the blue roan i wanted know why she was dragging her butt so much. I look at her bottom end . She was prolapse . Called Vet to get them in . But i asked Amanda why she would send them to me like this … She said well i didn’t do mush with Andy because i was not planing on keeping him i let him out of his CRATE to go use it and back in the CRATE. I DIDN’T WANT TO GET ATTACHED TO HIM . On the blue roan female WTF happen to her Amanda side i didn’t see it . i Didn’t know .. At this point I was told by a friend on facebook that ANDY had cataracts . ( He is 8 yesr old ) but i need to know if this was true so i took him to have his eyes done . He was clear so i AKC reg the buff male to Amanda . The roan female had done had a litter of pups and was bred on her first heat. … My Vet said that may be way she prolapsed. so had to have her fixed . and while she was out and him moving her he told me she had VERY BAD slips in both Knees so not only did she prolapse she has bad needs and now there is pups out there that she needs to let owners know …. SO NO I DIDN’T REG THE TRI TO HER AND I WONT REG HER TO HER .. sHE WILL NOT BREED HER ON FIRST HEAT. But i would be more then happy to take her back and give her back the blue roan and i would even meet her half way . to trade back… know who your sideing with.. And she want’s to call people puppy Mills when she is the one that can’t wait until the female is old enough to breed she is breeding puppy’s with bad Knees.. the pics are of Andy when i got him as you can see his head and ear set . MY side .

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