Amanda Dobbins & Brandon King – Morton, Mississippi Men


These two… this druggie, can’t stay out of jail, had it made dumba$$ left the mother of his child at home nightly to be with this HOMEWREKER. Who for the record- knew he was married! Her trashy a$$ would spend her lunch breaks at his house WHILE HIS WIFE WAS AT WORK! Her mother must be real proud of her daughter and her wonderful catch of a new man. Considering he’s never supported even a drop of milk that his son drank. Their DOC… great ol Scott County slimfast! Let me throw in here that she has 3 children. 3 different baby daddies, AND 3 different people raise said 3 children! Winner winner!! Since the wife left and their shit show relationship is public- he never worked. She lost her job… and her youngest child. He totaled her car… after his was repo’d… AFTER his sweet mommy paid it out of repo the first time. He’s a loser and he brought her right on down to his level. No vehicle, no job, broke a$$es. KARMA ?? gotta love it…

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