Amanda Domingue – Carencro, Louisiana Louisiana


This woman here Amanda Domingue is a certified HOMEWRECKER! She has had multiple affairs with married men and is currently trying to ruin two marriages. She first started an affair with a co-worker over a year ago. She has worked this guy hard. He’s still married and still trying to get him to leave his wife and kids for her and for what I understand his wife doesn’t want to end the marriage but wants him to end it with her but she won’t let it go. Then a couple months ago I find text on my husbands phone how she’s tired of being a side chick and wants to be his chick. He proceeds to tell this b#*ch that he doesn’t want a side chick either and wants her and loves her. Did you forget you were married too… so until you divorce my a$$ she’s a skanky side chick still. This b#*ch likes to party hard and drops her kids off at the drop of a dime to go be with her men. Watch your men cause this [email protected] will do her best to steal them. She was married once and cheated on her husband but these other dumba$$ men think she’s so innocent and special. The jokes on the two bastards she’s sleeping with now cause my husband or the other guy think or thought they were the only one she was with.

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