Amanda Kidd – Princeton, Indiana Indiana


This little slut works with my husband, and decided the time was ripe to begin an affair with him two months after she became pregnant by her boyfriend. My husband and I have an infant son and a preschool aged daughter. They began an affair (according to him) in October, right before my birthday, which explains why I didn’t receive any semblance of a birthday gift. She knew he was married and has small children. She herself was in a relationship and is expecting her boyfriend’s child. I found out about the affair a week ago, and my husband has moved out of my home, leaving me with the care of our two small children and our home. || They have been spending ample time speaking on the phone to one another, while I’m only receiving text messages, but he will not say he is leaving me, and he also says he will not leave her. This is not her first go-round in the homewrecking department, either. She has broken up other marriages and long term relationships in the past, and I was surprised she wasn’t already featured on! I can’t wait until she dumps or cheats on my husband, and he has to eat a shit sandwich.

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