Amanda Miltner – Missoula, MT Montana


This child had a fling with my now fiance way before my time. As soon as she found out we were dating, it’s been constant texting, calling, fake FB messages when we block her. She sends me NAKED pictures of herself, admits to gangbangs, and asked if my fiance could get me to have her in our bed. What a dumbass. My guy has made the mistake of continuing contact with her in the past and helping her arrange a gang bang where she openly sent me information about it like I cared. She has been blocked so many times but won’t stop. She works in Missoula as an in home health aid. Just who I want watching the elderly. She’s originally from cyr my and homeschooled, probably why she has no social skills and can’t learn to get a life. No one with me wants you.

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