Amanda Nicole – Sacramento California California


This, everyone, is Amanda Nicole. So as soon as my boyfriend & I became a couple, she was immediately obsessed with trying to get his attention. Of course, she started with the classic & extremely fake, “omg you guys are so cute, I’m so happy for you” though. Lol. But then after she got that big fat fake lie off of her chest, she would message him every single day emphasizing how much she would love to sneak out every night & leave her children unattended to meet up and fuck him in a near-by parking lot. (Barf). But as soon as I confronted her about being a nasty whore, all I heard was crickets. She was under the impression that she could get my boyfriend to leave me for her, and provide her with money for drugs, alcohol, & home made tattoos from her next door neighbors garage. But luckily he knew she was a disgusting joke, just as well as I did. She is seriously obsessed with trying to ruin relationships. She’s constantly attempting to ruin multiple relationships at a time, instead of doing something actually productive with her time, like looking for a job. She would rather look for a new (taken) boyfriend to be her kids new daddy, & atm card. I’m seriously just so tired of this welfare mooching slut, feeling like this type of stuff is ok to do to people. She’s so proud of being a slut, it’s unreal. Maybe because she’s never been exposed. I think it’s time for her to be recognized and take accountability for her nasty ways.

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