Amanda Shields – Roseburg, Oregon Oregon


Advice is to beware of this one. Shallow, judgemental,manipulative, hypocritical are some words used to describe this homewrecker. She pretends to be a faithful Christian but far from it, actually the total opposite. To put it frankly – She’s Satan in sunday clothes. Known to frequently die her hair red like Satan and wear tons of makeup when bored with current relationship- either for attention or to look like the female version of Ronald McDonald. Currently married with 3 kids. All kids have different dad’s and she’s slept with quite a few men intermittently and during her relationships. Why she continues to jump into a relationship right after another and even during says a lot about a person. Her husband ( yes she’s still married but seen around town with other men) is the father of the youngest who she is currently cheating on. He comes from a Christian background, him and his family come from a line of ministers. Hes family has unconditionally loved and supported her narcissistic lifestyle habits (some she’s kept hidden) for a few years because she refused to work. She has told me she uses drugs to keep the weight off so she doesn’t wind up looking like her obese mom and sister and that’s in her own words. Fresh needle marks can be seen on her arms and they are not bug bites. Here’s the sad thing, Besides being a cheater, a criminal and mental headcase, she avoids not addressing her drug habit and blames everyone for her misfortunes. It says a lot when all 3 of her kids have signs of physical and mental disabilities.

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