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Complaint: Choice Renewing Eye cream was purchased through Walmart promotion center, web site . The terms and conditions from are not informative. I was sure that this product was a free trial meaning that I do not order it if I don’t like it. There is no printed on the box information on the manufacture of the merchandise and on the country of origin It appeared to be a fraudelent authoship program. The company refer to read their terms & conditions at the website . What you see is u201dThis site canu2019t be reached, mybeautifulscincare.comu2019s server DNS address could not be found.u201d I received the product from ChoiceEyeCream, PO Box 25380, Santa Ana CA 92799-5380. This address does not match the address of the company, which charged my cedit card. I donu2019t know yet with what company Iu2019m dealing with. They donu2019t identify themselves. This resulted in full confusion. I was unable to identify the seller and give a call to unsubscribe. They totallly charged me $269.55 and $4.95 for shipping and handling Before filing this dispute I called 888-508-6860 or 877-748-6652 (donu2019t remember exactly) and spoke to someone. I offered them to return all received merchandises (they were not open and are in original boxes) for my own cost. My offer was declined and therefore I filed a dispute to my credit card. The dispute was resolved in favor of the merchand. The bank recommended to contact the seller. I can’t find the phone number or e-mail of the company Summary: the company did not provide all necessary information and violated my consumer rights. Their business model is fraudulent.

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