Woodbridge Virginia


Complaint: 15 years of purchasing from Amazon for all kinds of items, often spending over $25,000 a year simply to not have to stand in endless lines at WalMart, Costco, Target, Home Depot, etc, and incorrect medical treatment confines me to a wheelchair for life at 56. This made using Amazon not just about paying more in exchange for convenience, but a matter of survival. I moved from my large house in Northern Virginia to a handicapped access ground floor apartment in the same zip code and Amazon suddenly has trouble finding my apartment building 75% of the time–they told me that a sub-contractor carrier, AMZL finds an apt building with an extremely easy to use security door, claim my packages “undeliverable

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Address: “” even when “”AMZL”” has delivered another package even 20 minutes earlier! Today they sent me a text saying

Website: and call again correctly assuming I’ll get a different person. When she starts her spiel

Phone: “”For your convenience your package has been delivered to UPS Springfield VA.”” I immediately call Amazon customer service and 1st person said “”delivery was attempted. “” Really? I’ve been home all day. Frustrated

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