Amber Ambi Shonta Nicole – Woodbridge, Virginia Virginia


This girl name Amber Shonta Nicole, goes by Amber Ambi Shonta on Facebook, doesn’t care about anyone’s marriage or kids for that matter. She knew my husband was married and has kids with me. She’s been to and in my house. I confronted her about the naked pictures she sent my husband and she lied and said it wasn’t her, I knew it was her. She tried to break up my marriage and failed. Please believe, my husband is not innocent either. She sleeps around however, I know she slept with an 18 year old, I know she was sleeping with another woman’s man but when he got into trouble with the law and went away for a while, she started having sex with his friends and my husband. She would send me the text messages between her and my husband. She threaten to harm my children and sent me messages telling me to harm myself so I’ll be out the way. I even told her if she wants my husband, come get him, I’ll help her pack his stuff, of course my husband said he wasn’t leaving me for her, that he never loved her, he was just running from the problems he caused between us. I had divorce papers for him to sign 3 times and he tore them up all three times. This girl doesn’t care about anyone’s relationship. She has sex in her friends mom’s basement with a lot of men that are in relationships. Keep your man away from this homewrecker.

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