Amber Carrigeer North Little Rock Arkansas


Complaint: I found this Jeep on Offer Up. Here is Amber’s first email response. Hi, This is Amber, I’m glad you’re interested in buying my 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport with hardtop included.Let me give you a few details about the Wrangler : 4.0L engine with automatic transmission , 71,445 miles , 4X4, HOT PINK with Louis Vuiton seats , runs and drives great, CD player with remote. Clean title in hand.I am selling it at this price $2,000 because my husband died 2 weeks ago (he had a heart attack) and brings me back memories. I decided to sell the house and I moved with my daughter and her husband in Omaha, (Nebraska). Trying to start a new life. The Wrangler is here and ready for delivery. My presence won’t be necessary because I prearranged the deal with eBay. The Wrangler will be delivered in 2-3 days and the costs are covered. You have 5 days to get it checked out and take it to a dealership or to a mechanic. If by any reason it is not as described or if you find any problems, I will pay for the returning fees. If you are interested in knowing more info about how the whole process works, I can ask eBay to send you an email with more information on how to purchase it.In order to have this moving forward please reply with your complete name , shipping address ( street, zip code ) and your phone #.Thank you,Amber Here is the 2nd response after I sent her my address and phone number. John, You will see these guys are great! I’ve started the transaction with eBay and asked them to send you the invoice by e-mail, all the instructions and details about your safety and about the sale altogether. After you receive the invoice, in case you decide to buy it you will have to pay through eBay, as they will hold, protect and guarantee your money until you get the Wrangler. You will try it out for 5 days, and if at the end you are happy with it, you can give them the “green light to release the money to me. Or if not

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Address: you can just send it back and get a refund

Website: feel free to call them.Thank you Amber I googled that 866 phone number… and many links down came to a Ripoff Scamss… report of a Nicole Barrett selling a travel trailer with so many similarities to mine I decided to file a report as well. They use Ebay <[email protected]> to send me their invoice. This is Not Ebay!”

Phone: without paying for the shipping. They also have their toll free number (866) 640-0128 on the invoice

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