Amber Dalton – Wytheville, Virginia Virginia


This girl, oh this girl! So I found out that my man had been talking to her in December while he was away from home for work. He admitted to his faults, and I forgave him… as it was just talking and flirting at that point. I contacted her to inform her that he was a taken man and just to let her know that I existed. She acted shocked and apologized and told me she would never speak to him again. He had lied to her about being single, so I did not blame her. She kept telling me how disgusting he was for cheating on me and telling me how much better I deserved. We became “friends” on Instagram, where we continued to talk and she became someone I occasionally vented to. She also informed me that she was MARRIED! And asked that I not tell her husband what had happened. (That should have been the fucking red flag. This Married woman, cheating on her husband with my fiancÚ!) Fast forward to February, months later, I knew something was going on again… I didn’t imagine it had anything to do with her. I did my research just to find the messages where this “woman” was admitting to leaving her family, her husband and her children to sneak to hotels to have sex with my fiancÚ. She talked about leaving her husband for him, havin a pregnancy scare and was always sadly attempting to sext him. She would also flip out on him for staying with me and would get angry at him if I posted pictures of him and I online. I was shocked. She was married, she knew about me, she pretended to be some sort of a friend, she swore she wouldn’t talk to him again, yet here we were. I flipped. On her and him. I had never felt so betrayed. I contacted her husband (which I was the bad guy for according to her) and he let me know that this skank has a bad habit of cheating on him, he was over it and he filed for divorce that day! My fiancÚ and I are attempting to work things out, although I have several trust issues because of the situation at the end of the day I love him. I haven’t fully forgiven or forgot however. But I thought it was a done deal, over with. Now here we are in august and this bitch decided to write my fiancÚ on Instagram (she’s blocked on everything else) asking my fiancÚ if they can be “friends” and offering up her snapchat name! He blatantly told her to “F off!’ And that he didn’t want to hear from her again. You are low, you are disgusting, you are a bad wife, a bad mother, a bad friend, a bad “Christian”, and just a plain bad human being. You will not be “friends” with my fiancÚ, he will not be friends with you. You were the mistress, the side chic, the lay while he was away from home. That is all. He is done with you. I can’t wait for karma to slap you in your face. I hope and pray your family sees this. I hope all your church friends see this. In fact, if you ever contact my fiancÚ again I will make sure they do! (Test me, I have your entire Facebook friends list screenshot, the nudes you sent my fiancÚ, all the messages between the two of you saved and put away, just waiting to be shared) You need to learn your place, focus on your children and stop being a tramp. Hopefully this will be the lesson learned. Oh, one last thing, I hope your daughters never have to deal with a woman like you destroying their lives.

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