Amber Greelam – Phoenix, Arizona Arizona


This “lovely” homewrecker is about as classy as they come! I am a mother of one and have a wonderful husband who I have been with for 4 years now. We communicate about everything and have no issues talking about the “harder” things. This girl has been attempting to message my husband off and on for a few months. We first tried asking her to nicely stop at which she laughed and continued. We decided to block her number and block her on all social media accounts. She then decided to create a fake number and Facebook in yet another attempt to message my husband. She then got her friends to message myself and my husband, harassing us. We had to go as far as contacting the police to get it all to stop. After a little digging I found out she does this all the time. She seems to not be able to stay away from people in a relationship. It does not matter if the guy is married, has kids, or is just dating someone, she will attempt to snake her way into the picture. She has a known STD that she got from a guy she slept with that she found on Craigslist. She doesn’t tell guys she’s sleeping with about her STD which some of her male partners have contracted the disease due to it. About 5 months ago she launched herself at a married guy in a bar and attempted to make-out with him. The guy shoved her away and she called the cops on him for “assault.” A little over a year ago she accused a married man and father of two of rape after he refused to sleep with her. Charges were dropped when messages were provided where they showed her threatening to claim rape. Yet another incident occurred when she was at a party on night. She was too drunk to drive herself home so the hosts told her she could stay the night on the couch or the guest bedroom. While the host and his girlfriend slept, she crawled into bed and started sexually touching the host. He woke up, his girlfriend woke up, and this homewrecker was kicked out of the house at 4am. The last story on her has to do with one of her best friends, who we’ll call B. B was engaged to a man in the military. When he got back from his tour, Amber was there to “welcome” him home. She slept with her best friend’s fiance, B does not know who her suppose to be husband was unfaithful with, and Amber was there to comfort B through everything. So ladies! BEWARE! If your significant other is friends with this chick, you may want to think twice about allowing it. Even if you’re not one of “those girls” who regulates their significant other’s friends, in this case, I would. Through her constant messaging to guys, she has broken up dozens of relationships, caused countless issues, and has told more than her fair share of lies.

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