Amber Lejeune – Shreveport, Louisiana Louisiana


I was with my fiance for 4 years engaged for a year. I have a 6yr old that thinks he is her real father. We started to have a few fights I told him to leave for a few days (come to find out he was cheating on me with her for a few months before I found out probably why he was always accused me of cheating) he convinced me to come and get him and bring him home he wanted to make amends and fix his family well she didn’t like that too much so she kept on pursuing him eventually I got sick of it told her off then she fed me a bunch of bullshit lies just to get me and him fighting again whenever I went up north to visit my father for a week he was back over there with her I came back from up North to find out he done it once again so I kicked him out he instantly has her come get him from my house she also convinced him to have the electricity turned off at my house( jokes on him I switched it the next day finding out he was back with her) for the next month he kept calling me begging for me back I refuse to do it because I knew he was with her and I wasn’t going to play back and forth games with anyone. I guess drugs and a whore are worth it. Honestly they deserve one another trash should be with trash. Oh and she also had sex with her step father while her mother was married to him and got pregnant with twins. Have fun with that im so much better off

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