Amber Nicole Barnes – Hodgenville, Kentucky Kentucky


Classic case of pure bullsh*t.  My EX cheated on me last year with this girl and I was led to believe it was just a one night stand so I forgave him (MY MISTAKE!) and never heard of her again until recently when I kicked him out and she was all over him less then a day later trying to talk to him.  Turns out she has been there in the background waiting the whole time!  When trying to piss me off he admitted to hiding her from me on fb this whole time and how he has f*cked her a few times since then.  I tried to warn her that he would do the same to her and she defends him!  He has her convinced I’m just crazy jealous!  Of course I was!  I was sittng at home (we lived together) 6 months pregnant while he snuck out to f*ck her! And she KNEW about me the whole time and tells me that she has been just waiting till he came to his senses and left me!  That it’s because of my insecurities that he doesn’t talk to her!  Sphhhhhh he only talked to her when we needed money or a ride ??? but sure chic, he’s amazing.  I’m done trying to save women, instead I’ll call them out for the homewreckers they are.  She can have him because he will show her soon enough who he really is!  He loves attention and he keeps several woman on standby to get just that.  I was loyal and stupid for 3 long years but it’s the next bitches turn to commit to a man who has female “friends” just waiting for their chance!  So say hello to Amber… a homewrecker who didn’t care that he had to give up his daughter to live his lifestyle.  You’re the next player in his sick games and I’m gladly passing that torch!

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