Amber Pauley – Woodward, Oklahoma Oklahoma


So Amber Pauley and I were friends since she was in Jr. High. She knows my husband had a bad mc wreck when he was 15 and f**ked his head a bit. He’s very easily manipulated. She told him every single thing I EVER did or said pertaining to our 14 year (at the time) marriage. She painted me as a horrible person. Yes I did some wrong, but so did he. I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right. She had the balls to show up at my house after telling her husband she was leaving him in Nebraska. Her and their daughters came back to Woodward. She stayed at our house with our family and her girls. I should’ve known something was up when they both told their respective spouses on the SAME day they wanted a divorce. Never dreamed they would do this. Anyway, they went for a mc ride on his bday. They were gone for 3 hours. Didn’t get home til 1 AM. Of course, I was pissed. She made ME feel bad. Mothers day was good. We cooked out, etc. So 2 days after mothers day hubby and I get in huge fight. He says he’s “sleeping at the shop”. Come to find out our CHILDREN find HIS stuff at HER house. I confronted her and asked if she f**ked my husband and she said yes. During the course of a couple months I managed to make her realize who the queen b**ch was and am back home with my husband. I no longer speak to her. This isn’t the first time she’s cheated on her husband. Sure it won’t be the last. If she tries to friend you, beware. She’s fake and back stabbing. If your man rides a motorcycle or is in a mc she will go after him. She fancies herself a “biker b**ch” but in all reality, she’s a lazy ass, money hungry patch wh*re. She also gave my husband trashy pictures of herself that she had taken for her husband years ago. Yep… she’s wearing her wedding ring in them… she’s always so stoned idk how the wh*re functions. Also, she told my hubby she would f**k for weed.

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