Amber Sparks LA California


Complaint: Amber Sparks of Billings, MO is an employee of Residential Support Services (a Billings company which provides services to mentally handicapped individuals) involved in some very despicable behavior. Over the course of a year or so Amber also contracted with a work-at-home company known as LiveOps, during this time Amber and some equally vile “internet friends”” of hers used an online messageboard for individuals who work at home

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: as a venue for cyberharassment (think “”Jennifer Petkov”” or “”Lori Drew””) – this even included individuals how suffered from disablilties

Website: and she was she was singled out and targeted by Amber for her disability. The stalking included death threats

Phone: who were intentionally targeted. (Some of this is documented in screenshots below).One of the victims for example (name “”June””) had apparently suffered from a stroke

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