Amber Velasquez – Odessa, Texas Texas


This is Amber Velasquez. She’s not only a home wrecker, but an abortion queen as well!! This girl has seriously had AT LEAST 10 abortions. She got pregnant (supposedly by my now ex, but we all found out later on that she also had someone else on the side besides him) and then conveniently lost it when he started to stray away from her. Time went on and this girl just refused to leave him alone! She was a self proclaimed lesbian for years… she even had an on and off girlfriend for about 10 years. Hell… her ex girlfriend probably couldn’t stand her being promiscuous either. Keep your men out of Proof in Odessa where she’s a bartender. She’s known to lock up the bar and have sex in the bathroom! Side note: she’s been pregnant three times total this year and conveniently “lost” all of them. (Only admitted to aborting one of them)

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