American Bio Dental Center Review


I went to this clinic to have my 1 front tooth repaired. They gave me a pill and did not explain I would go to sleep. 6 hours later when I awoke, all the dental work in my mouth was gone. I had excellent non-toxic, new dental work in my mouth, done in Thailand. This was Friday. They told me I had to wait til Monday to get it all replaced. I had to spend the weekend with all the caps, crowns and fillings out of my mouth. ON monday they filed down my existing/remaining teeth to make a 4 quadrants of new dental work, crowns, fillings and caps fit, while I was again asleep. They did the surgery on my front tooth that I had requested on Monday. My bite is so diminished that I had to learn to chew all over. They wanted to charge me twice what I originally agreed to. My teeth no longer meet properly and are moving around. They aged me about 20 years. To have this fixed, there are only a few dentists in the world that can do it. It will cost well over $25000. to have it fixed. I’m only 60 years old, so this means the rest of my life I have this MESS. To fix it will also require dental materials being added to every tooth in my mouth! Please warn people about this clinic. They look good, talk good and were highly recommended however they ruined my mouth. I refused to pay the 2nd payment.


Name: American Bio Dental Center

Country: Mexico


City: Tijuana, B.C.

Address: Blvd. Agua Caliente 4558, Aviacion

Phone: 619-819-9330


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