American Carpet pensacola Florida Review


American Carpet ripped me off also… Sold me carpet they said was “stain”” resistaint 2 days after installation I had a stain called them no response talked to many people over months &months was told someone would call me back… I got tired of calling dont do business with them they don’t care about anything but money. They did a sloppy job in my bathroom the tile didnt even go to the wall I have to use throw rugs to cover it. I ordered a dark hunter green carpet when it arrived they said that it was the darkest they had

I told them I wanted the dark because of stains etc… they said dont worry it is “”stain guarded”” no stains etc… just sloppy work

cheap carpet

and they keep you so annoyed and you give up on calling and calling and calling the salesman they sold me was “”never in can i take a message”” gets OLD this was years ago too but I have been getting ripped off from so many companys I am putting my foot down now and telling about them all and thought I would let people know. I have nothing to gain from this I dont expect them to replace my carpet or fix my tile cause they would of done it back then.. just letting anyone else know abuot the cheap carpet and installation. nanonymousnpensacola


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