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Dear Cosnumer, I would be very aware of this breeder disposition of services. I wanted to purchase a AKC Black Male ShishTzu that was adverstied by her comapny on PUPPYFINDER.Com. We reached agreement of the purchse of realeasing a 250.00 deposit to hold puppies until 8 weeks of age. During the waiting peiord, Breeder informed me of not having the puppies reg with AKC due to pending DNA . Breeder each week would try to insure of getting papers before the puppies gets 8 weeks. I expressed , if there’s going to be a problem reg the puppy , I would like to refrain from purchasing and to request my deposit back. Breeder wanted to make the sale until she written a self writen invoice with a signauture and mail to me. Still no proof that the DNA has been verifiyed to reg as AKC pups. I voice my concerns , breeder begin to get very unethical with me, replying if, I knew I didint want the pup I should have inofrm before making the non refunabe deposit. I replied , If I had know your pups as adverstied were’nt AKC Reg, I wouldn’t have proceeded with the purchase. Breeder wanted for me to trust sending $650.00 to her without havg proof of DNA veririfcation for AKC Reg. I couldn’t risk given $650.00 , mind you this was two days before our agreement of shipping the puppy still no proof of what type of pup Im getting . So I offered to hold off and ask would she hold pup until the DNA gets settled and reg She replied it’s not feasable to her due to the pupp being older and much more to ship. I thought that was weired. This really sat up red flag. So, I said no and wish to cancel due to her not upholding her advertisement. She sent me $25.00 personal check and said this was remaining after all expenses were taken out for holding the pup. Why charge me when your adversting AKC Reg ShihTzu were not so!! I figure for my inconvience, she should have refunded due to her not having the poper papers to list or sell her pups. So Beware of this breeder, possible pups are not pure shsihtzu’s. Make her show AKC reg. Papers before making a deposit.

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